Asana – a great new productivity App

Asana is a new start-up founded by Facebook co- founder Dustin Moskovitz. It is an effort to “reimagine how teams get things done”, and we’re currently using it as a task and project management software.

It is astoundingly intuitive and updates live. When somebody changes or adds a task everyone can see their changes in real-time. It is very sandbox-like, leaving a lot of room for customizability (It even works as a CRM!), giving us room to custom-tailor the most efficient solution for us at all times.

It also works as an app in the Chrome browser, launching immediately after starting the browser with no log-ins required. A fluid user interface coupled with incredibly thought out features whilst still retaining an intuitive quality make Asana an absolute winner.

It impersonates cutting-edge engineering at its finest and we recommend it wholeheartedly!

    • Free for up to 30 Users
    • Connect to Google Apps
    • HTML5 Webpage (+ Mobile Page), iPhone App
    • Real-time updates
    • Workspaces / Comments
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Many more features


asana interface Asana   a great new productivity App

Check out the Asana vendor homepage at here.